Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find the most often asked questions. If you do not find answers to your question on this page please contact us via the contact form here.

  • Where can I download a new manual?

    Please click the link below for the model you wish to download a new manual for:

    - Mensa Heating - Vireoo manual (US/CA version) - Click here

    - Mensa Heating - Statio manual (US/CA version) - Click here

    - Mensa Heating - Imus manual (US/CA version) - Click here

  • Safety?

    Mensa Heating's products are 100% safe, both to the touch and against water. Mensa Heating provides safe heat just where the body need it.
  • Is Mensa Heating's products approved and certified?

    Mensa Heating has the following approvals and certifications:
    • UL Listed - ETL
    • cETL approved - approved for Canada
    • ETLus approved - approved for USA
    • RoHS
    • REACH
    • CE approved
    • AS/NZS
  • How to clean a product?

    For cleaning the products we recommended to use ordinary glass cleaner on spray. Spray this to a clean cloth, then wipe the product. Please do not spray directly into the heater.
  • Where can I buy Statio or Vireoo - Professional?

    Please contact your nearest distributor for nearest retailer, please click here.
  • How is the heat absorbed?

    The heat builds up slowly in the body, and you will experience the full pleasure after a few minutes.
  • How much power does Vireoo-Professional & Statio use in Standby mode?

    Vireoo - Professional's & Statio's standby consumption is only 0.2 Watt.
  • How can the products from Mensa Heating become CO2 neutral?

    All Mensa Heating products are electrically powered. The products are equipped with a specially designed quartz shortwave bulb with a low wattage. If you choose to buy electricity produced by renewable energy, the Mensa Heating product becomes CO2 neutral. This we of course recommend.
  • How does the heat work?

    The custom-made quartz shortwave bulb is only 0.4 kW / 0.55 kW / 0.7 kW. The lamp does not heat up the air, but forms the first heat when the rays of light hits an object/person. The heat source do not use unnecessary energy to heat the air.
  • How to use the products?

    Vireoo - Private, Imus and Statio is a plug & play product. Vireoo - Professional is built with power in / power out connector. This means that they can be connected in series (up to 4 tables on a 10A fuse).
  • Where can i buy Mensa Heating’ s products?

    Please contact your nearest distributor for nearest retailer, please click here.
  • What is the operation costs for Mensa heating’s products?

    • -  For a private person with Vireoo Private price per hour is:$0.19
    • -  For a private person with Imus price per hour is: $0.19
    • -  For a professional company with Vireoo Professional price per hour is: $0.07
    • -  For a professional company with Statio price per hour is: $0.09
    The operating costs for a gas heater per hours is:
    • -  For a professional company with gas heaters price per hour is: $2.57
    • -  For a private person with gas heaters price per hour is: $3.21
    *All prices are based on Danish rates for private and professional markets.
  • How much is the reduction in CO2 compared to traditional gas heaters?

    If you switch from gas heating to one of Mensa Heating's products, the CO2 reduction minimum 80%.
  • How much can I save if I switch to Mensa Heating’s products?

    If you currently own a gas heater and want to switch to one of Mensa Heating's products, you can look forward to a saving of around 90% in operating costs. At the same time you spare the environment for a large amount of CO2.
  • What does the names mean?

    The name Mensa Heating arises from the Latin word Mensa, which means 'table' - 'Table Heating'.
    • Vireoo is latin for 'I am green'.
    • Imus is latin for 'Underneath'
    • Statio is latin for 'Standing'
If you have further questions, you are more than welcome to contact us here.