Company profile


In the spring of 2005 Stig Bloch was sitting under a gas heater at a sidewalk café in Aarhus Denmark, with scorching head and cold feet, he got a brilliant idea. An idea that soon after came to be called MENSA HEATING. Why not place the heat source at the legs so the heat can naturally spread to the rest of the body and the sensation of heat will be more comfortable? And why not use an energy source that does not burden the environment as much the CO2, as the gas heater?
In a small barn in Loenaa, the two questions were put into the prototype called Vireoo. A product which has since won several international awards. The barn in Loenaa has now been replaced with a Danish monitored factory in China. The factory provides an extremely high quality and now produces the main elements of MENSA HEATING's products.

For the sake of the environment

We have a number of long-term objectives of contributing to a cleaner environment and an overall vision to create innovative and sustainable outdoor heating to minimize environmental impact. Our biggest challenge in the years ahead will be to develop products of recyclable materials without CO2 emissions.

Action behind the words

At MENSA HEATING is it a priority to minimize the environmental impact that our products and production bring to the world. We strive to become the preferred supplier of environmentally friendly outdoor heaters in the world, added with professional- and high quality service.